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Please take note that the project is no longer active and you may not have news from the team after subcribing to the beta.

Thyme is a tool that helps recruit, manage and schedule volunteers for events. It is built for cultural and sport events of any size.

Thyme is a participative tool which allows the volunteer to engage in activities actively. It enables volunteers to live new experiences by participating in events.

Thyme allows event organizers to recruit volunteers in an easy and engaging way.

Thyme integrates a collaborative planning along with notifications to keep volunteers informed and included in the organization.


Create your planning

  • Create your activities
  • Assign managers
  • Create shifts
  • Define volunteer needs - Create your volunteer schedule

Share it

  • Publish your schedules
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Streamlined subscription forms - Share your schedule

Volunteer engagement

  • Subscription by activities
  • Manage volunteer requests
  • Automatic confirmation emails - Volunteer schedule selection

More features

  • Notifications
  • Group communications
  • Upload custom volunteers list
  • Attribute shifts manually
  • Private organization
  • Manage your team of organizers